Productivity February 22, 2020

Any paid and exclusive communities?

Shun Yamada @shyamady

I'm a remote worker / digital nomads. Almost all day I spend my time at home. So I wanna explore a good internet community. I have already joined Nomad List, Remotive, and Workfrom.

Do you have any suggestions? I'm willing to pay for joining the community. I don't know why but paid and exclusive communities tend to be active.

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    Hi Shun Yamada, you might be interested in my community I will be launching soon for remote workers, digital nomads and startups.

    I will be sending beta invites very soon to the people who subscribed.

    Check it out: currently I only have the jobs section ‘online’ but that’s more so I can aggregate and fine tune my crawlers.

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      Hey, thanks for sharing. That's awesome!
      I don't find remote jobs currently, are you planning to add some more community features?

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        Yes, more community features will be added when the beta launches. Join the waiting list if you’d like to receive an invite :)

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    If you mean a community of digital nomads, then the original one would be DynamiteCircle.

    That said, it's full of online marketers and people who drank the "lifestyle business on a beach" cool aid. I did meet some great people through it, but also a lot of slightly exhausting wannabe marketers.

    And don't get put off by their terminology. "Mastermind" usually just means group chat or you meet someone for coffee to talk about business stuff.

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      Thank you so much for sharing it. It's more focus on real events than online, isn't it? But I'll try to explore it more.

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        They do have a large and highly active online forum. But yes, their focus is on the breakfast meetings in popular digital nomad areas. I mean that is probably very helpful for your mental health to meet up with peers in person.

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      Thanks! But my business is not EC.

  3. 2 - great to meet founders of real companies and it's consistently active.

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      It looks like awesome. But a little expensive😅 Thanks!

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        No problem. I love it. Solid connections from that group. I’ve tried others, you definitely get what you pay for

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    What are you looking for in a community specifically? To connect with other digital nomands / devs?

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      Yeah, I focus on more remote workers / digital nomads.

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    I suggest reading some of the blog articles as well...

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      Thanks for sharing!

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    It’s been invaluable to me, both for product/marketing advise, as just having a digital community to be a part of.

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      Oh, WIP is awesome. It's one of the hottest makers communities in the world. Thanks!

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    A community to discover and follow new people on Instagram.

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      Thanks. But I don't use Instagram.

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    I might be a little biased, even though I have very little to do with it:

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      Thanks Benjamin. I've signed it up done!

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        @shyamady No problem at all! I hope that it is a good community for you, even in its infancy.

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          Will you invite me?

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    Not sure if you're still looking Shun but I have to shamelessly plug our community at Obviously I'm biased but we’re crafting a community of founders working together to build profitable startups and side projects. We just launched today #1 on Product Hunt but current members already include alum for Y Combinator, FB, Google, top Silicon Valley startups, indie makers and bootstrappers. We'd love to have you!
    You can join here totally free if interested:
    We do offer a paid membership but that's for access to a bunch of additional perks that you can check out here

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