Newsletter Crew June 1, 2020

Any Paid Newsletter Or Membership Site Owners

Hans de Ruiter @HansDR

I've noticed an increase in discussions about writing content instead of code and/or running a membership site.

How many Indie Hackers actually have a paid newsletter or membership site? What niche are you in?

And how is it going?

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    I am :) Launched it just this year, early stages (started with my blog, then evolved into threads, a directory, some virtual meets) but about to move to 'main' version (a forum + workshops) and I also just launched masterminds.

    My approach has been to go slow, organically and with the flow. (and to avoid trying to launch/do too much at once)

    My niche is intuitive introverts (INF- and INT- Myers-Briggs types) who are seeking personal growth.

    PS. you might wish to check out the new 'community building' sub-thread ->

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      Thanks. I'll check out the community building sub-thread.

      How has running your community been for you so far? Is the income from it growing?

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        It started out as a blog, which became a blog + podcast, and then a community. It's early days, growth has been slow and steady. I'm about to move from 'beta' to 'main' version so that should be interesting :)

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    I launched It is based on weekly case studies from currency investors and a custom crypto index.

    The index is a weighted geometric mean of the dollar's value relative to the following select cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, and LTC. Updated in real-time, the index tells the story of market impact from macroeconomic trends.

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      This comment was deleted 22 days ago.

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        No paying customers yet. The price is $99 / month. Including the US Dollar Crypto Index, a community of currency traders, and weekly insights on the market. You can see the PH for it here:

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    I run Its heavy custom code though. I just started it last week. 30 sign-ups so far. I still have a lot of work to do.

    The purpose is to promote my main product

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      Congrats on getting that released, and getting signups already. It's not exactly a paid newsletter/podcast, though...

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        I do have the intent to profit from it in the future. My thoughts are to gain some traction first. Learn from users, offer a slight enhancement for $5 a month.