April 14, 2019

Any "pay to use" B2C product makers on IH?

Justin A @rapidmon33

Any makers out here selling a B2C app that isn't free to use?
If so, how is that going? How are you managing to get users to pay for your product?

Just curious.

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    I am about to make a bet that there are hobbyists willing to pay me for a product.

    This advice is in the "hey kids watch this"/"do not attempt at home" category but essentially I am solving my own problem and hoping I can identify enough people like me to pay the bills.

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      Are you in any position to share what your product is?

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        It's a Platform as a Service (PaaS). I was using a service called Hyper.sh that shutdown in January and left me without a way to host my own side projects that fit into my mental model. I am building the replacement.

        The core idea is "you give me a docker container and i give you a dns name with tls in front of it". Hosting, TLS and a domain are what I always hide behind when I start to launch things so I made it super simple.

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    We are running CryptoTrader.Tax which just hit the 13,000 user mark and only has paid pans. I don't know if this will be the most helpful, but we offer a solution for a very specific problem that almost nobody else wants to calculate or do by hand.

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      This is bloody brilliant! You actually found a middle layer between consumer and business.

      Your customers are regular consumers, but they make money. So they are definitely likely to pay for a good service.


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