Developers August 9, 2020

Any quick ideas to find people who are interviewing or going to take an interview?

Rahool @rahool

Quick ideas in finding people are who taking technical interviews or going to take one in the upcoming days!

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    People searching for related terms on google for example "interview questions", possibly also searches like "glassdoor" or some combinations of company_name + interviewish words. (more keywords "preparing for an interview")

    You can find companies that often do technical interviews on glassdoor for example, than use that for further terms, or companies to approach if you want to...
    You can also target specific people names, that are hiring managers and/or talk about interview questions..

    There are people who teach how to get better with such interviews in youtube and/or blog and/or other systems paid or free, you can either partner with them or ad target their audiences...

    Just generally tech people looking for jobs are highly close to that as well...

    Can target developer job searches..

    or can align with requirement agencies or HR people that actually care about stuff, they know their companies are demanding these and who the candidates are ...

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      Suggestion is good if I had to find candidates. But, I need to find interviewers.

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          Yes, thats correct and that is where I am heading as well. But the only problem is to find jobs posted, (mostly by the HR), and then finding Engineers from that company. There is no straight forward way.

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            What volume do you need for this stage?...
            You can target small companies CTOs.
            Large companies find the right titles like staff eng. Or team lead...

            If you want to be specific you need to cross reference with job posts and/or raising money..

            Again you can bribe or social hack HR/recruitment..

            You can figure out searches for inspiration for writing questions/conducting the interviews...

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              Finding 10 such people and their emails a day will do. I am trying to reach out to specific people who are going to conduct an interview for my product

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                I don't see the issue, you just need to optimise your human algorithm and outsource it potentially, should be under an hour a day.

                1. Source fresh job that are direct, no 3rd party recruitment, for example use a search feature with one of the strings of "agencies not accepted.." (don't remember the strings but they exist)
                2. Get some key people from that company from LinkedIn. Or even spam that original application in some smart way, more upfront but less overall work probably...
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                  Following this only. The string search idea is good. Will explore that one as well

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    I am interviewing right now. So far interviewed with many companies, but I don't know If I will be able to share any question or discussion or name of companies. What r u looking for?

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      Looking for people who take interviews. Would you be able to connect me with someone? Also, I was trying to understand if there is a quick way online to find such people

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    I have been taking tech interviews since June, contact me

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      @ikropotov Any medium to connect offline with you?

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    Hi Rahul,

    Are you looking for companies who are currently recruiting and looking for candidates or are you looking for candidates who have applied for job and are going to be giving technical interviews. i saw your product. just trying to understand what exactly are you looking for.

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      Want to find people who are going to take an interview

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    Want to find people who are going to take an interview

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