Any recommendation on finding freelancer developers for smaller projects?

I was wondering if you all have some recordations on places to find freelance dev/design talent.

Places like Toptal - seems to cater for larger projects

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    Hi @SaijoGeorge. I take on freelance projects and usually do full stack design and development. You can check out some of my projects on here or at moesalih.com.

    Email or DM me if you'd like to discuss further.

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    Hi @SaijoGeorge

    Here we are! Agile on-demand mobile app development with fixed price, no contract and with 5 days delivery promise per page or integration.

    Check us out at https://www.devevi.com

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    Hey Saijo,

    We're a start-up outsourcing agency, we've professional web-developers and a designer. My email is: [email protected]
    Text me and I'll provide you portfolio, price list, etc.

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    You can check out www.trybrace.com they handle small projects/tasks for as low as 25 USD. They give first month trial for free.

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      Thanks will take a look.

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    Hey Saijo, was following your tldr marketing for a long time :)
    Would be great to know the requirements. We conceptualise the Ui/Ux on a DM perspective. Happy to share & screen share some of our portfolios. :)
    Looking forward

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      Hey Achyuthan, can you email me you portfolio or some work you have done on codepen, github, etc

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    Upwork? Or you can ask around here. Lots of freelancers, myself included :) Feel free to DM me with your project!

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      DM on its way, thanks

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    @SaijoGeorge Hi Saijo, are you looking to hire a freelancer. Thank you.

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    I hope it's not too late. If you still need someone I am a full stack developer with long and proven track record of projects on Upwork. Additionally i am trying to grow the dinem.co.uk . Feel free to to DM me

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    @SaijoGeorge Hi, are you looking to hire someone on freelance basis. Thank you.

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    Hi Saijo, if you are still looking, I can help you out. You can contact me at [email protected].
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    We have a team and can do this. We have a good reputation.

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    Hey @SaijoGeorge
    I am trying to get some freelance work.
    I may be late but better late than never.
    Let me know if there is anything.

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    What are you looking to build? I’ve been taking on micro Saas and plug-in work recently! Would
    To connect, I’m based in Toronto

    [email protected]

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    Fiveerr, upwork or feel free to DM me :)

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    Let me know your requirement. You can DM me

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    https://imgur.com/a/gQxTDQg isnt it funny to read a post about someone asking how to find freelancer right after another person who is asking how to find freelance work ?

    you should reach out to :

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      I did see that and already reached out to him as well :)

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    We built and are launching a product specifically for this need: AskFora is a way to do better work with people you know. It works by searching among your first and second connections - if you know 1000 people and they each know 1000 people, you have up to a million people you can find and reference. It's free to post and search. If you find someone and hire them through AskFora we take a small fee for facilitating the contract and payment. I hope we can help find some good talent for you. The site is https://askfora.com

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    Hey Saijo,

    Currently there are options like freelancer, upwork, fiverr etc. We are building a new platform specifically for developers. We try to make it as transparent as possible. Later we will build a complete product management path for anyone who is willing to build a product with freelancers. It's going to be awesome. I'll keep you posted.

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    I'm building a platform for freelance projects, where devs & designers can browse and apply to freelance projects - https://app.finderskeepers.pro.

    You can submit your project for free and I'll distribute it across my channels (Twitter, Slack groups, FB groups, etc.).

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    Hi Saijo, I take on smaller freelance development projects, happy to talk through your project.

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      Hey mate, can you email me your portfolio or some work you have done on codepen, github, etc


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