April 15, 2019

Any spanish speaking hackers in here?

Aurelien Amacker @systemeio

Are there any spanish speaking hackers in here? If yes, where are you guys from?

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    Yes, from Argentina!

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      Nice! My wife is colombian we go there every year and we want to visit Argentina some day

      1. 4

        Ping me if you come over here!
        I'm organizing the Buenos Aires meetup, we'll have the first one in a few weeks and the idea is to have one a month.
        Maybe you'll get to know a bunch of Argentinian IHers!

  2. 4

    Furiously working on learning Spanish with Duolingo. Almost a year now. Does that count? 😅

    1. 2

      Learning languages is great, yes it counts!

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    Argentina over here 🙋

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    Uruguay here 😉🇺🇾

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    Another one here 🙂, living in Spain, born in Argentina.

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    Born in Mexico, raised in California.
    Now living in Phoenix , Arizona.

    What about yourself?

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      I'm french but my wife is colombian so we speak spanish at home

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    Gringo here, but learned Spanish after I moved to Chile for my last startup and spent a year living in South America. Now I market a conversational Spanish course for expats living in Spanish speaking countries.

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    Gringo that speaks Spanish here, from the US but lots of friends were Cuban and Mexican growing up, and I worked in kitchens when I was a little dude so I picked a lot up there.

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    Colombian forging in Montreal, Canada!

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    I understand Spanish much better than I can speak. My mother is Colombian, lived there in my teens, in Medellin at the height of Pablo Escobar being hunted down :|

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    I’m born and raised in Sweden but my dad was Spanish. These days I spend a good amount of time in Málaga, Spain.

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    Yep. Franco-Brit dual national now in Barcelona. What do you need?

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      I'm french too but living in Lisbon, Portugal. Not looking for anything in particular, I was just wondering if many spanish speaking people were hanging around on IH

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    Brazilian here but yo hablo español pero no muy bien

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    Yes, Samuel Brooks (sabro.net) from Guatemala !! God Bless you all folks :)

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    Hello there from Spain 😎

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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