Ideas and Validation April 4, 2020

Any startups built on AWS? Are you available for an interview?



We run a closed group of members interested at cloud (specifically AWS for now). We are planning to publish interviews for our members.

So, any one building their startups purely on AWS here? We would like to publish your story to our members in our newsletter.

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    Yes! We developed a serverless app with AWS, Node.Js and React.Js.

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    We use Elastic beanstalk for hosting + database. If that works, happy to help.

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    Also yes. Elastic Beanstalk, Lambda, DynamoDB, Postgres/aurora, S3, Cloudfront, most of it managed through terraform. I have worked at a really successful startup before, so I can provide knowledge of EC2, ELB/ALB, Route53, Fargate, Cloudwatch.

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    Yes. AWS ELB, CodeStar for python/django and using Amplify and Reactnative for apps.

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    Hey Upenv

    We have just built a new platform running entirely on AWS through Laravel Vapor Deployment.
    Feel free to hit me up, if your interested.