April 25, 2019

Any successful Shopify App Store businesses out there?

Alex Daro @AlexDaro

Hey hackers! Would love to know if anyone has had success selling in the Shopify App Store. What’s your product and any tips for marketing and increasing downloads, trial/paid conversion?


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    Hey Alex, great name :)

    One of our 30x500 alums has built a very healthy business on shopify apps:


    He's fully deployed our playbook of:

    • Doing Sales Safari research on Shopify store owners
    • Creating and sharing a steady stream of valuable content for shopify store owners: https://www.littlestreamsoftware.com/shopify-tips/
    • Using that content to build a list and marketing directly to that list, rather than relying on the Shopify Marketplace and the problems with marketplaces in general
    • Using our Pain/Dream/Fix copywriting formula for his sales pages
    • Delivering high-value wins to the customer early in their trial that makes continuing past the free trial a no brainer

    Eric was kind enough to talk a bit about his process and what he learned from us in our newest cases study...so new that we don't even really have an official place to link to, just the PDF from our case study team.

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    Hey Alex

    What's your app?

    We launched a Shopify app called "Sell Tickets" which let you sell tickets from your Shopify store. We ran it for six months before closing it down. Managed to get up to about $500 MRR and then killed it as it was becoming a distraction from our main business without signs of huge growth. The website is still up if you are interested in more details on the specifics - http://tazotix.com/

    I think it totally comes down to (a) market need for the app and (b) app store optimisation. In the past we've had success on wix.com where the app store did the marketing for us.

    We intentionally called our app Sell Tickets, rather than "Ticket Tailor" which is our main brand name because people who want to sell tickets are going to search exactly that in the app store search box. And I don't think brand counts for much anyway as the Shopify app store is quite a safe environment. Calling it a generic name and having Shopify style branding can make it feel like the official app.

    Get reviews. We didn't do too well for reviews on Shopify, maybe we released our product too early and an early negative review could have been our downfall. I went to a Shopify conference and was told that reviews are key. I think there are Facebook groups for Shopify entrepreneurs where you can ask people to try out your app and write a review but I didn't explore this personally.

    The only other idea is that people may search X for Shopify on google so maybe some SEO landing pages, or google ads on probably cheap keywords.

    Let me know if you have any questions on the above. Happy to share any insights I have on our Shopify experience.