Product Development July 10, 2020

Any suggestion for a user identity + user onboarding + billing platform for SAAS product being build?


At present we are building a SAAS product, and was wondering if there is a platform that can do the following:

  • Let the user signup and handle onboarding experience.
  • Should be able to automatically determine the subscription and charge them.
  • Should allow us to cancel subscription of the user.
  • Allow some flexibility designing the onboarding experience without using programming resources.

We are familiar with Auth0, Stripe and other similar platforms. It is possible to tie these tools and do the above by programming it. But was wondering if there is an out of the box platform which we can integrate to our other backend product logic.

Let me now if any of you have any suggestion.

Let me know if any of you have any idea

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    If you look for a boilerplate, the SaaS Forge boilerplate has most of the requested features:

    • user signup/login
    • payment integration (Stripe)
    • dashboard UI
    • admin panel
      and many other features.
      See the documentation here:

    As for payment for example, you change your env variable to provide multiple payment/signup scenarios

    If you want to see the boilerplate in action try the demo:

    Register, confirm your email, see the billing information (from the top menu).

    Disclaimer: I made it :)

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      Thank you for the suggestion. Will check it out.

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    If you can't find an existing solution I'd say Firebase would be a good fit for this problem. I use it for all my projects and (most of the time) the free plan is more than enough for my projects.

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      Thank you Deebov. Will check it out.

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    Couple questions:

    1. What are you using to build the front-end? Do you have any tools/frameworks already picked out?
    2. What do your subscriptions look like? A few simple plans, or something more complex like metered billing, etc.
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      Hi @DuncanHamra

      Priority is more on providing customer value and testing out different solution.

      • For front end are not using a framework. We are on the .net MVC Core stack for backend.
      • Simple, pay this for this feature for a month. No metered billing.

      One reason was looking for an out-of-the-box platform is so that we can test different model easily and decide on the model that provides the maximum value for the customers.

      1. 1 might work for you.

        I know a few folks have set up Memberstack with .net projects. I'm happy to connect you if you want to chat with any of them 👍

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    Check out I built it :). You can give it a try for $9.99 per month and cancel anytime if it doesn’t meet your needs. If it does meet your needs, keep paying $9.99 or buy an unlimited license for $299

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      Thank you for this. Will check it out. Interesting product.

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    For I started with auth0, but then it felt over complicated and over featured. I switched to firebase, and I'm so glad that I did that. Integration was a breeze (I have a vuejs frontend) comparing to auth0.
    For payments I use Paddle which act as a reseller. So you don't need to have your own stripe account.
    They charge 5% of each transaction, and take care of customer support, charge retries, compliance with all regulations, tax calculation, and more. They provide the customer facing UI which is very friendly and integration itslef is literally 2 lines of code.
    They have a back-office ui where you can configure your plans, coupons, etc. Their support is very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend using them.
    I don't use any onboarding tool, so I can't recommend anything in that area.
    My flow is user registration and after that I show Paddle popup where the user has to choose plan and pay.

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      Wow, 5% is not bad as normal credit card transactions are usually at 3ish percentage.

      Will definitely check it out. I had talked prviously with other providers, though not have tried any of them out. Thanks my friend.

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    Take a look at this –
    SaaS Boilerplate by fellow indie hacker @kylegawley

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      Thanks for the mention, @elans.

      @zombiebyte19 drop me a note if you'd like a demo of Gravity or have any questions kyle [at] :)

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    Are you familiar with Stripe's Billing Customer Portal? They just released it recently and it makes it much easier to handle user payments with minimal code.

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      Can't wait to integrate this into our product will save a ton of time and looks much better than what we have.

      And continuous updates amazing.

      Only wish they added this 2 years ago.

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        Yeah it’s definitely a game changer.

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      Oh no, I had not tried the Stripe Billing Customer Portal before. I was going though the documentation, it is very interesting. It would cover a lot of the stuffs I am trying to do with the platform.

      Thanks for the notes. This is very helpful. Will explore them in depth.

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    Are you looking to avoid code entirely? You might be able to do this with Bubble.. although it’s still probably a lot of work.

    If you’re okay with code and just want everyone setup and working out of the box you may also like (my product)

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      Thanks for sharing Gabe. Very interesting product, love the design and concept.

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        For sure! I don’t want to hijack your thread too much, but if you’re interested in giving it a spin and want a discount feel free to reach out ;)

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          Hey, as a fellow founder, I understand :)