April 4, 2019

Any tips for a great product demo?


Hi Indiehackers,

I'm working on a product targeted at teachers. Recently I've started to ask teachers if they want to book a demo in my cold emails. I just got my first demo booked through calendly and I'm not sure how to prepare for it.

Do you have any tips to offer for giving product demos? Or any resources to point to?


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    Didn't read but Steli was interviewed here on IH. Might be useful: https://blog.close.com/how-to-give-product-demos-that-sell

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    I would prefer just to see a video or any other demonstration, without any scheduling or phone/skype calls (I'm not a teacher but I think many teachers would prefer this way to see a demo too).

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    I'm not a teacher, although sometimes my daughter says that I speak like one. But if you want we can set up a Skype video call and you can demo it as if I was a teacher and I will gladly give you straight honest feedback.

    There is no better way to get good at it other than trying.

    I'm on EST and available after 9pm any day!

    All the best!

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      Does the offer still stand?

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    I'm definitely looking to build something that helps conduct product demo/sales engineering conversations. If you have any ideas shoot be a DM, and I could try to make you a beta customer.

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    Try to spend the first 10 minutes asking them questions, trying to understand what they're looking for. Try and sniff out any possible objections they might have before demoing your product for them. Then cater what you say to address their concerns as well as show how you might solve the problems they just mentioned.

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