Any tips for someone transitioning from a PM to a UX Designer?

I work at a small fintech company in NC. I am beginning my transition from a PM for 2 years to a UX designer. I made the transition because the PM tasks I enjoyed the most were all UX-heavy/focused. I would love any resources/tips on how to make a great transition so I can be adding value as early as possible!

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    If you come from a PM background, you should be fine. You should familiarize yourself with the various tools and processes used by UX designers ( https://www.designkit.org/methods is a good place to have an overview) I have a great book but unfortunately, it's in French only ("méthodes de design UX" if someone is still interested).
    My personal advice is to first focus and master user interviews, data analysis, user flows and prototyping. It may be controversial, but I don't recommend personas and child-like games ideation techniques.

    IMO the best skill to have is to figure out where you're at in the design process and to put a strategy in place to figure out the next steps, even if it means to go back to the "previous" step. Once you figured out what's the best course of action, you'll find plenty of tips and blueprints to execute on it properly

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      hahaha welp, I wish I knew French! But seriously, thanks for these resources I will check that site out. Thanks for your advice as well! I love user interviews and am working through perfecting that art. Learning how to create functional prototypes is also on my list however it's behind user interviews and user flows as my work needs those the most right now.

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        My pleasure :)
        Yeah I agree, you can take my recommendations in order of importance with user interviews at the top. Good luck for your first steps as a UX designer!

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    If you haven't already, begin playing around with some no-code tools like Webflow or Bubble. The ability to go from design (concept) to function helped me connect a lot of dots in my head between the two. These no-code tools help accelerate that mindset for me!

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      Love it! Thanks, Aaron. These seem very powerful. Do you recommend any UX books/content sites?

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