September 23, 2020

Any website that helps monetize side projects?

Tamas Torok @tamastorok

I'm trying to monetize one of my side projects and looking for potential advertisers/partners. I'm wondering if there is any website where you can find these services, brands who are willing to advertise on smaller websites or sponsor newsletter, offer affiliate deal etc.

Any tips?

Thanks in advance!

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    What kind of side project is it? A blog, a SaaS business, or something else?

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        Haha! I am loving this website and idea. The backgrounds are great.

        I haven’t done affiliate marketing before, so I apologize, I can’t give any recommendations there.

        I just did a Twitter search for “Zoom Background”. Lots of mentions. Why not reach out to people that are already talking about this?

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        Uh not sure if you're breating Zoom's trademark if you include their name in the domain.

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          Well, you could argue that Zoom has become a generic way to describe videocalls. That way they lost the "right" to claim their trademark (this is genericide -

          This means of course that you should make your site usable for any videocall software (also including Skype, Teams, etc). For the "generic" videocall software. Otherwise you kind of undercut your own argument ;-)

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    I haven’t come across any sites like great. My guess is it’s generally not worth it for brands to encourage lots of inbound pitches from small websites when they could just run ads though an ad network instead and get more traffic.

    My suggestion would be to identify a few brands that seem like they could be a good fit and reach out directly with a proposal.

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