April 24, 2019

anybody do product validation or other customer surveys?

Mike Roth @mike_libate

If so, how did you get responses? I'm struggling to receive enough surveys to get the job done.

Why do I care? I am part of an accelerator where the pre-validation steps require getting >100 surveys back from customers. I am B2C so this doesn't sound like it should be a challenge, but I'm stuck at 30 and I've exhausted my email list and FB community. I've offered coupon codes for my product but not sure how to get across the finish line. Thoughts?

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    Hello Mike, this is an interesting challenge!

    I like how Hiten Shah did its customer research with an early access survey. I recommend you to read its lessons learned: http://bit.ly/2W67wuW

    This is something I experimented on a previous project and it worked well. I received 100+ emails at a 30% response rate. More interestingly, I better understood my customers so I was able to pivot successfully when I had to.

    Then, to get more subscribers, I would recommend you to launch your product on Ship by ProductHunt: producthunt.com/ship

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      Hi @fmerian, thanks for the advice! I'll definitely check it out!

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      @fmerian have you tried Ship? Do you have any feedback/thoughts from it?

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        No, I haven't tried it personally yet. Feedbacks are positive (read: http://bit.ly/2XFi44H) and from my perspective, it's a good way to reach its +9M visitors. For more impact, I think it would also make sense to be listed in other startup directories too.

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