Ideas and Validation March 24, 2020

Anybody else dealing with too many newsletters in the inbox?!


I'm subscribed to somewhere around 12 newsletters (including Indie Hackers!) now, and it constantly feels like they're flooding my inbox (especially if I don't read a few and they begin to pile up.)

All of them are great so unsubscribing doesn't feel like a great solution 😔

Thinking about building a desktop/web/mobile app as a separate platform specifically for reading these newsletters (and so I can mark those emails as read without feeling guilty 😅).

I wanted to post and ask if anybody else is in the same boat before going too deep down the rabbit hole – any insights are much appreciated!!

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    I filter them all into one folder, then browse them when I get the chance.

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    Do you mind sharing the 12 newsletters you like?

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      Counting them out, they break up into mostly tech and econ/finance:
      Tech – Benedict Evans, YC's top HN articles, Accelerated, Crunchbase (all give great news summaries for different parts of the industry); also Indie Hackers, Farnam Street, Fred Wilson
      Econ/Finance – Matt Levine (MoneyStuff) and Noah Smith (Noahpinion) give pretty well-researched op-eds, The Economist today and Real Time Economics (WSJ) for daily news

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    I use separate gmail account for newsletters, registrations, quick "send me e-book" type of sites which probably want to start their emailing to prepare me for something later... Business accounts are emails from domains and with them I don't register on any potential flog/spam/newsletter type of inquiries. And there is no need to reinvent hot water and make apps for reading when you have Outlook or Thunderbird (which I use) to have separated tens of accounts if you want.

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    Gmail works for me! It automatically separates mails into different tabs.

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    An RSS reader can probably do what you want. Have you tried Feedly?

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      Just made an account! It looks really great, but doesn't seem to include support for most newsletters I'm reading

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        You can manually enter the feed. Every newsletter should have a feed. I haven't found any that don't yet.