November 7, 2019

Anyone crazy enough to build a Mixpanel competitor? Their MTU-based pricing doesn’t work for low LTV marketplace style startups.

John Kueh @johnkueh

Anyone tried / trying?

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    I think @Felixg (creator of is doing this with Haven't used personally but I'm a massive fan of landen.

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      Thanks for the shoutout @ajsharp! Mixpanel is more opinionated about what they want you to track and has those auto collection tools to track everything on websites. Quickmetrics just provides you with an easy way to capture metrics and visualize them so it's up to you how you use those powers. I use it to track lots of things for Landen such as: signups, site creation, publishing, pageviews, new customers, cancellations, ... In terms of pricing it'll certainly be a lot cheaper to use QM.

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    Just recently I was looking for an analytics solution that played nice with Node and easy to set up. I really dont like google analytics UI. It's too hard to set up funnels. I use Mixpanel at work and while its clunky to use, I would have gone with it if it not for their pricing. I think theres a space for a competitor. I would have loved to use firebase analytics for Node as it's much simpler to use. Unfortunately it's not supported

    1. 1 by @Felixg mentioned above sounds perfect if you want to send simple events from the server-side? Did you check it out?

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        Not to sound stingy but my product isn't making money yet so I don't want to start paying and I don't want to lock my data into one place until I can guarantee the value I'm getting. In the case of quickmetrics, Mix Panel's free tier seems more generous (5 metrics isn't enough for me to spend my time and effort validating its worth). Sorry if that sounds harsh

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          Hey James, we're planning an export feature (with full 1-min data resolution) but we can also manually export data for you before then if you want. However, based on what you say you might not want to setup any analytics at all. I don't know the amount of users you have of course but if you want to reach profitability it might be more helpful for you to engage with potential customers directly instead of crunching numbers.

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    Thanks guys. My employer just needs a simple tool to send events and use those events to do some funnel analysis and user behaviour tracking.

    Easy/free to do if you are below the 1000 monthly tracked users (MTU) of Segment/Mixpanel (most early stage b2b saas are).

    But these tools get really expensive when you exceed their free tiers, and not worth it if your revenue per user (ARPU/LTV) is low (most consumer/marketplace style startups)

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      SimpleAnalytics competes with Google Analytics, not with MixPanel.

      As an aside about SimpleAnalytics, the word "simple" completely misses the mark in my opinion. That's because I want an "obvious" user experience, not "simple", and not "complex". The true "simple" product in that space is I'm very happy using them.

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