Anyone else feeling... demotivated?

It's weird. I'm usually the guy who gets pumped up about stuff way too fast. And that still happens when I talk to people but maybe now being mostly stuck inside my room is causing me to spend more time isolated and that just gets me down.

I'll start the day full of hope with my egg n cheese sandwich and coffee but as the day progresses I'll just get into more of a slump. :(

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    I remember that back when I was writing my master's thesis, the most productive days were often those busy ones where I didn't expect to get anything done.
    Conversely, days with plenty of time for writing often were the worst in terms of productivity...

    I don't think there is an easy solution, but you could try to force yourself to work on you protect(s), e.g. right after breakfast and, over time, it will become a habit, which will help a lot.

    Hope you'll find your passion again!

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      Haha this is so true. Oddly enough that day I was so down I ended up pulling together a quick project and launching at night. Just gotta keep trying haha.

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    The last 3 months have been some of the hardest to get and stay motivated. Isolation, a looming sense of overwhelm and anxiety, and constant uncertainty about so many things.

    I'm pretty tuned to not let uncertainty get to me, but some days, I got nothing.

    That said, the thing that most consistently gets me going again is finding a feedback loop. Doing something small for even just one person in my audience and getting a positive response can build to a bigger thing, and to a bigger thing.

    Remind yourself who you work to serve. Then do something to serve them. It helps every time.

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      Yeah - the hardest part is getting in that loop. Once you're in the zone everything melts away.

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        I always say the best way to get out of your own head is to spend time in someone else's 😄

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    I have this everyday. I start the day knowing that there is plenty of time for doing stuff, but very often at the end of the day the tasks I planned to do are not done at all.

    I've been developing my product for like 9-10 months already, almost everyday, and it's really hard to keep yourself motivated

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      With you there. Consistency is key. Hope you get over the finish line soon!

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    I have those days.

    It's like studying and everything else tries to distract you from studying.

    You gotta discipline yourself to prevent you from being distracted.

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    Hi staying within one place for a long period can be tolling for most people, try spending time with people virtually. virus.cafe is cool to meet few nice people.

    Try working from different areas, listen to music while working, take few days or a week off of work if you can afford it. These things will improve your overall focus and performance.

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    I had these days a month ago. What did I do? Went for a run and cycling. Exercising has been helping me a lot. Now, I’m writing a newsletter which has been making me feel well.

    As @rosiesherry tweeted, “small things are incredibly important”. The power of habit, adding little by little counts a lot, especially during these weird days

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