Anyone else feeling slightly overwhelmed by their list today?

I’m a solo founder (lost my cofounder early on), working retail at night & hunting for freelance gigs during the day, so I try to be structured. Flailing a bit. But I’m trying. Is this too much? Here’s my list to finish before I pass out tonight:

‪1. Revamp The Deck to reflect new learnings & direction.
2. Finish checkout/payment feature & push to staging server.
3. Review newly submitted client marketing material.
4. Investigate new startup friendly checking accounts.
5. Figure out how to hustle up on another $500 by Friday.

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    Reverse the order (almost)
    5, 5, 3, 2, 3

    If you are struggling on this (no problem if so) then you will not raise funds yet and effort on deck better spent on figuring out next weeks lottery numbers. Speak to investors when you have the early answers and traction.

    Making the money your business trumps all else, stop distracting yourself!

    Once early ducks aligned, focus on customers (may even give answers for #5, work on this the step before, but with focus of #5)

    If you have a fulltime job too, set yourself 1 task per evening. Give yourself all these then you will either burn out trying, or give up out of fear of the impossible.
    Do all this in 5 days you are doing well, plus with a task a night you get to rest and enjoy life after each achievement, downtime is key too.

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    IMHO deck stuff can wait. I used to spend hours on mine. This time, I elected not to make one until I need to show it to someone, and focus on actual progress. For me, working on a deck wouldn't be getting anything done, it would be prep for a meeting! So until that meeting comes, no deck work ;)

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      Love this. Excellent advice

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    Feeling overwhelmed every day. But picking of items from the list is always a small win! I also do a MIT, Most Important Tasks with max 3 items and try to do them in the morning.

    • Build Google Sheet form post for a client. OK
    • Write a new proposal for a company. OK
    • Read papers about AI for auto-coding websites.
    • Run 10 km OK
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      I’m going to start limiting myself to a Top 3. Dope idea

      1. 1

        Yeah, it's really dope when you think about it. I believe more and more in it.

        I think that for me a task qualifies as one if it takes longer than 30 min. Then when I have done my top 3 MIT I can start doing the rest.

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    I feel you. My initial list (last Nov), had 1000 todos.

    Then I created a new list for just the top priority todos.

    Now I use trello for absolutely the most important todos. It has 18 boards with an average of 20 todos on each.

    And no I don't run a massive startup. Just a small bootstrapped business.

    Well, on the bright side, it is better to have plans than to run out of options.

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    Break things into smaller pieces. and I mean very small pieces. It helps a lot :)

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    It's hard bro. But keep pushing

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