Ideas and Validation February 12, 2020

Anyone follow stocks closely? Building the stock news feed that I want.

John Allen @JohnAllen

So I have been a professional investor since 2006 or so. I've always wanted to build my own tools for stock research, and back in 2014 had a company Ran it for a year then shut it down to focus on my financial advisory company at the time.

Anyways, I am rekindling this project (wow all those features that I built back then and not much public outreach to users! haha).

I want to check here to see if any IndieHackers are interested in stocks, and if so, what tools you use and what unsolved problems you may have.

Some details about what I'm building:

  • Basically it's a news aggregator that filters all of the low quality news
  • Makes it super easy to see your portfolio news in one place (which is difficult if you follow dozens of stocks)
  • Will show social media posts too (only high quality of course)
  • Other tools to make tracking down the latest regulatory filings super easy (logical, repeatable url structure)
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    Nice to see your project what i am interested in ...

    right now i am in same line building a poc project a financial platform to do analytics over equity and other data (alternative data)

    let me know what your thoughts about this...

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      Sounds cool. Exactly what do you mean by "analytics over equity and other data"?. Like showing stats of a company's financial data as opposed to just their financial data?

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        Hi John,

        Thanks for your reply,

        In short .. if an investor or fund manager wants to know price history about a particular stock or a company in detail for past 20 yrs are so + company fundamentals+investor calls+ competitor edge + industry /sector growth performance + social media + news updates --> in in one platform but to implement one by one if it actually works.

        some thing like a platform as a service where if you enter a stock symbol you will get all the details + you can run some analysis ( statistical analysis) on the Data Warehouse.

        As for as i know there are some but those are proprietary or with IP

        so this will be a platform where you can have your own Algo or setup trigger based on some events + twitter mentions+ who and how much are holding that stock presently+ some other reports as well....

        At present i am just collecting data and preparing schema for the Data warehouse.

        If you can give some inputs i will highly appreciate...

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          So you're talking about creating a trading platform with triggers from various data?

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    Besides news, something that I really would want is being able to input your stock portfolio, so that you can see how your portfolio is doing - and maybe benchmark it also against other users. The apps/portals of brokers have features like this, but they're not great and it's a pain to log in to the broker account just to see that.

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      I agree with this. I would love if there was a tool that could log-in (and stay logged in) to accounts at multiple brokerage companies and chart my performance over time, accounting for cash deposits and withdrawals to my accounts. That would be super cool. Not sure if I'll build it. Would collaborate with someone though. The keeping track of the cash deposits/withdrawals is really what matters here; if you don't track this you don't know your actual performance of invested assets.

      I would personally not manually enter trades myself. I just trade often enough (not super often) to where this would be a pain on my part.

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      basically this. retail trading apps are sloppy at best, misleading and worse. I would be happy to collaborate on something like this because I wanted to do this for a while now, and I have made a PoC and know pretty much where I want to start.

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      How about SigFig or Personal Capital?