Anyone have experience with Podia?

Hey there 👋

I've been looking at solutions to serve an online course. I'm torn between Teachable and Podia but leaning towards the latter.

Anyone have any experience with it? Or maybe there is something else I should look at, too?

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    You could combine Gumroad and Eduflow (my product). I do that for my course where I sell off Gumroad but run the course on Eduflow.

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    I actually tried podia and teachable. And gumroad. I ended up making 10x the sales on Gumroad over Podia.

    Obviously I’m a bit biased now because I love Gumroad so much that I now work there!

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      Hi, may I ask you why you used Gumroad over Podia? I thought Podia was pretty self-sufficient product, no?

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        Hi! I started out with both. But customers wanted to buy from Gumroad over Podia. I gave them both options and they wanted to buy from a more established company. It's ironic because I was ready to commit fully into Podia! But after selling on the platform for awhile, I was making way more sales on Gumroad. The monthly fee was high as well. Especially when I kept seeing more sales on Gumroad every day and not many on Podia

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          Thanks, this is very interesting case!

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      I love Gumroad. I'm on Sahil's Minimalist Entrepreneur course ,as we speak!

      I'm just itching to offer a little more than a download at the moment. I'm eagerly awaiting Gumroad to offer course like functionality!

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        Ah! Yeah some creators just upload their videos titled in a series and use the watch functionality as a workaround.

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    Biased because we built it! But www.knowtheterrain.io might be an option?

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      Oh nice! I will add this to my list of things to try out over this weekend. Thanks!

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    my brother really enjoyed it when he was building something in that space. so, +1 to that. never used teachable. but, it's always been something that folks have positive things to say... in general i think.

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      I'm really enjoying the process so far and already have pre-orders on a course idea, which is very motivating! I've heard good things about Teachable, too, and that was my first choice.

      Did your brother use Podia? Something else? Thanks for sharing.

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        he's tried everything. you can follow him on twitter: @agilepeter

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