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Anyone have experiencing hiring back-end devs from Bangladesh?

Tina @ninjacodes

Or Indonesia? Ukraine? If so, what channels have you used to secure devs from these areas? Happy with the results?

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    Having worked on/for/with a number of clients/employers over the past 20 years on projects where some or all development was outsourced to cheaper locations, my honest advice is that if you're doing this to save money, prepare to pay handsomely in other ways because there is no real arbitrage here (or nobody would hire in North America).

    Would I do it for my own company/project? Never. Over my dead body.

    The best advice I have for you, if the decision has been made and it's truly out of your hands, is that the limited success I have seen has only happened when someone critical to the core team who holds the product vision - think co-founder - actually moves to the location where the developers are to work with them on-site. This can mean learning their language, hiring a translator, or restricting your hiring to some/all of the team knowing English well enough to work with you.

    Remember: if they know English well enough to work with you, chances are your cost savings are getting thinner and thinner.

    Any version of this where you're like, staying up late for a nightly Zoom call or something... forget it. The project will statistically fail.

    Good luck and remember, in life you tend to get what you pay for.

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    I've been on both sides. Ages ago in Ukraine I used to freelance on Odesk/Upwork and I was happy to earn as little as 1500$ per months. After that I switched to more lucrative out-staffing contract and made up to 3500$ as a full time remote employee in a Danish company. A few years ago in Germany I had to work with developers from Ukraine and Moldova representing the customer side of the business.
    There are a few things you have to know about such remote contractors. First of all, they rarely understand business and in most cases you have to translate your business requirements into clear technical requirements. Second, ex-Soviet culture is very direct and you have to be prepared to receive sometimes very unpleasant feedback about random things. And finally some of developers can decide to quit without telling you, they just stop responding.
    After all said I have to add that there are a lot good devs that you can get for half or third of the price of the developer in EU or US. I would definitely consider this as a good cost cutting strategy. Also they usually don't mind to work overtime.
    I'd recommend to look into if you want to hire somebody on a permanent base. Look into salaries demands, it will help to understand how much do you need to pay.

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    I had experience with the "offshoring Ukrainian agency" — they first destroyed the relationships between the in-house teams, then started fighting between each other, company ended up hiring a completely new in-house team.

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    I am working with an agency from India, called code brew labs. I think the service is great, but it just takes time and patience to explain sometimes. I wanted to hire somebody from ukraine since i speak Russian, but could not find an agency that had experience building a similar e-commerce platform that I am building.

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    i've had really good partnerships with people from ukraine a few times. somehow they have a very rigorous education system and culture that seems to value engineers a lot. their sense of humor leaves a little to be desired though...

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    From the top of my head hiring anyone is contextual and you just need to consider if you can create a win win situation for the person who gets hired and the organization that hires the hired person. You can divide between hard and soft skills. Depending on the cultural and linguistic background of the two parties you try to match you have to figure out if it would work. Get your reasons straight and try to discover what is real during the hiring process. You can get all crazy creative with it. Hit me up if you want to figure this out more together.

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    usually you get what you pay

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    Its no different then hiring back-end devs from other countries.

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