Anyone here a social entrepreneur i.e. placing social impact above profit?

For a few years now, there's been a rising tide of activism and talk of capitalism 2.0 -- is anyone actually riding this wave, or is it mostly talk?

If anyone is actively working on (or with) a social enterprise, or if you know of any, I'd really appreciate it if you can loop me in!

The thinking I have in mind is that entrepreneurship is difficult enough and the desire to make social impact introduces a sometimes competing demand.

I wanted to get some perspective on what this is like and if there were any role models out there to study as I am keen on going down this road!

Thank you in advance!

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    Hey Oliver. I moved this to our Social Entrepreneurship group. 😊

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    @benrmatthews just finished an MVP of GoodHere.org

    A directory of social impact organisations. Aiming to add newsletter and community features

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    I’ve been researching and learning about social entrepreneurship for over a year now (still have A LOT to learn, so I’m by no means an expert). I’m looking forward to learning and engaging with you all on this topic!

    A couple thoughts in response to your post:

    • there’s really no agreed upon definition of social entrepreneurship. I’m reading a book right now called The Business of Good (http://jasonhaber.com/the-book/), and he says, “Ask three people to define it, and you’ll get three different answers.” That wasn’t really all that responsive to anything, but it popped into my head while reading your post.
    • social entrepreneurship doesn’t necessarily require that impact is placed above profits—profits are still important for social enterprise business models
    • Entrepreneurship is hard, strongly agree 🙇‍♀️ I’ve been reading a lot of posts recently about how being a purpose-driven/socially conscious business can be your differentiator, especially given the times we’re in. And there are creative ways to incorporate impact into a business model, so perhaps it doesn’t need to be an additional challenge, but rather could be something that helps you stand out? I’ll keep an eye on some posts to share with you here. I’ll also compile some other resources I’ve found helpful so you can check out if you’d like
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    We've built up a free medical web-app (GrepMed) to make it easier for doctors, nurses, med students, pharmacists, paramedics etc find actionable information at the bedside. Sort of unbundling IG/pinterest for the medical community.

    Part of my reason for creating this was the burnout that's rampant in medicine, a small part coming from the text/information overload in medicine.

    Traffic has grown significantly and it's cool to see our site being used in hundreds of countries worldwide where they can't afford expensive subscription service ($hundreds/year). We're hoping to monetize eventually but are committed to keeping the core features free.

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