March 15, 2019

Anyone here who works at Medium?

Anthony @dilbocabins

I made the mistake of posting on Medium exclusively when I first started my company blog.

Now the SEO attribution goes straight to medium, and my blog is being treated as duplicate content.

In the past Medium allowed writers update their canonical rel tags. But so far I haven't been able to get any help.

As an indie entrepreneur, there are a few blog posts that did really well and I'd love to reclaim credit for them. It seems like the only other alternative is to delete the Medium posts. If you have had experience migrating your blog from Medium to your own blog, I'd love to get some advice.


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    I was able to point the Link juice over to my blog by removing the article content on Medium and adding a hyperlink to the content on my blog.

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      That's what I've done with two posts, so far nothing yet D:

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    If you can edit the medium post, you can add the canonical tag to the medium post and point it to your blog instead. That should signal google that your site is the source.

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      You can't do this after the post is already published.