March 11, 2019

Anyone out there with experience developing a directory?


Hi Guys,
I am currently doing something for a niche market and I need suggestions on the best technology to deploy a very intuitive and mobile-friendly directory.


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    You can rent well-experienced developers at ridiculous monthly rates from

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    Make sure every link added to your directory has a no follow tag or else black hat SEOs will spam and abuse the hell out of it.

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    There are many Wordpress plugins for easy directories to get started.

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      I know there are a couple of wordpress plugins but I would like a recommendation from someone who has had some experience using or building one before. Can you make any recommendation?

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        When I looked I found many themes that had this setup. But they didn't fit my needs as i was trying to build a site to showcase different profiles. For me it was less on the directory side where I didn't need lots of the extra stuff they threw in. Maps, addresses...

        I ended up using a Wordpress with Elementor to craft the pages and Metabox to handle all the custom types. Heard good things with "Advanced Custom Fields" (fields) and "Beaver Themer" (pages)

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          Thanks for this insight.
          Do you have a link to the end product?

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