May 9, 2019

Anyone running event, conference, webinars?

Baptiste Debever @bdebever

Hi Indie 👋

For anyone who is running events, conferences or webinars on a regular basis, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you collect post-event feedback?

PS: Feel free to check out this guide we have just released with Livestorm:

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    I actually run an event app platform. One of my features is feedback on speakers and sessions. Attendees can give a speaker or session a rating and a comment. One of my customers did a prize drawing where each rating got the attendee an entry into the drawing. It was quite an effective tactic.

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      Sounds good! Drawing and gamification is powerful, one of our core belief at Feedier! :)

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    I am one of the people who runs MicroConf. We send out a post-event survey via email. We use Google Forms for the survey. It's simple, but effective.

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      We've done similar at Ministry of Testing. We used mailmerge to send out the emails, and linked to a Google Form. I think we had about 25% of people write feedback. @bdebever

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        Interesting! :) Could be good to test with the automation mentioned in the article and see the different in response rate? Shall we chat? :)

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      Interested to know the response rate and insights you're getting?

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    Quite a good read, thanks for sharing. I don't do webinars, but used to do events and conferences. The usual paper and pen for more traditional confrences, with a little incentive (keep the pen.) There's also social media feedback. And emails using survey monkey. That's not as sophisticated as your solution, so thank you sharing.

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      glad you like it! Feel free to try it for next event, or reach out to me :)