Beta Testing August 11, 2020

Anyone want to beta-test a no-code hiking app?

Alexis Grant @alexisgrant

I created my first no-code app using Glide and Google Sheets, plus Carrd for the landing page. Fun project!

Before I share it publicly, anyone want to test the beta version? My main concern is whether it's easy to use / intuitive. The primary users will be visitors to our tourist town, Harpers Ferry, WV (just outside DC), plus locals. The app lays out all our options for hiking in the area, as well as parking and restaurants. Our town doesn't have an all-in-one resource like this, so I'm hoping it will solve a real pain point.

Thanks for any feedback! If you check it out and want to send me suggestions or comments, I'm at [email protected].

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    Well done.

    Can you add gestures in your no-code app? Because if something looks like iPhone it should go back if I slide right.

    And why two redirects to get the app? Just automatically redirect to in 5 seconds

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    Sure - I would try it out.

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        You did a great job with this. I live in Chicago but I thought the design was really clean and simple. I def think you can keep going with this and find an audience.

        Here are a few minor things.

        -Maybe look to consolidate the page header text (i.e. 'Hike' at the top) with the Search bar. It's taking up real estate on the page and the image doesn't start until about 1/3 of the way down if you take into account the URL menu. The About page is a good example of you having already done that. And you can put the Info information in the About section.
        -If I click into an individual trail, and then click the share link button, it shares the main homepage. There is no way to share one of the individual pages.

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          Hey -- Sorry it took me a while to get back to this. I really appreciate your time and such thoughtful feedback!

          I'm not sure if I can accomplish these things with the no-code app I'm using (Glide), but I will certainly try. Great ideas.

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            No worries - was happy to try it out. Good luck!

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