April 9, 2019

Anyone working with Block Kit Builder for Slack?

James McManamey @jamesfmac

I've been working with it consistently for the last few weeks so far it's been pretty good. We've had a few pains integrating it into our workflow. I'm wondering what others experiences have been like:

What (if anything) you've struggled with when using block kit builder?

How is it fitting into your workflow?

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    Hey James,

    I have started exploring BlockKit and looking forward to integrating it with my app.
    What kind of app do you have and what challenges are you facing?


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      Hey Arpit,

      Our app https://stratejos.ai/ a team coordinator that helps keep their issues updated and the team aligned.

      The annoyance I'm having with block kit is in the design stage. Slack provides a great tool for testing out layouts https://api.slack.com/tools/block-kit-builder? but keeping track of different versions of lots of messages has been painful.

      Would be interested to know if you end up having a similar experience.