anythingData Privacy in SaaS

Coming Up: Data Privacy in SaaS 🔍

I invited Tom McNamara, the CEO of Apex Privacy to talk about #dataprivacy for SaaS!

We'll discuss:

  • Why is data protection and privacy important to a SaaS business?
  • At what point should SaaS founders who are building their companies start to think of creating a data privacy compliance program?
  • The most common challenges you see with B2B SaaS companies trying to manage their data protection protocols, policies and practices?
  • Data privacy risks to SaaS growth

Join us in the SaaS Boss community on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/saasboss/ and get a chance to ask your questions live 😎

⏰ We'll go live this friday, October 16th, 9am Central

✔️ Participation is free for community members.

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