Anythingnaija Nigeria's First social Network

Anythingnaija ( Anything naija) is a social community which connects people Of different professional niches to meet and discuss and learn from each other in their respective fields with instant messaging. Anythingnaija also provides songs by Nigerian Musicians and supports an avenue for young artistes to reach out to their fans and world at large by sharing their songs on the platform. Anythingnaija.com has a forum, a blog, social community for chatting and sharing personal day to day activities with friends and loved ones. Founded by Okechukwu Faith Onyedikachi, the same founder and CEO of Zuwanu. in 2013 formerly the site is known as Mp39ja currently renamed to Anythingnaija in 2017. Anythingnaija provides free music sharing and downloads with the latest Nigerian News update.

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