API for Avatar Creation

2 years ago, we made an avatar generator called Friendly Faces focused on being fun and inclusive. When we listed it on Product Hunt, folks seemed to like it but we kept getting a request to make an API so people could add their own avatar creators to their apps and pull in friendly faces as placeholder images.

We've been working on building the next version of friendly faces, and building it as an API first over the last couple weeks and are almost ready to release it. If anyone is interested in testing out the API, I'd love to give you early access.

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    Hi @clickpop this looks like it would be cool to use for our hackathons. Please let me know when you release the API.

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      I'll share as soon as we have the docs up! Definitely looking to make sure we build something that's actually useful for people.

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      As soon as I have docs up, I'll send them your way. Really looking to learn how we can make it easier and more effective for you.

      Here are our two existing face sets (just refresh to see some of the varieties):

      We changed those routes above so they require auth, but you can play around with the in-progress builder here: http://beta.friendlyfaces.co/

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        That's very cool! can I specify additional parameters such as gender to generate either male or female?

        btw the current Friendly Faces is awesome, I'm using the generated avatar even for my Twitter and IH avatar :D, is it possible to download high res image, the highest now is 256x256


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          You can play around with the next version @bktan here (still working on it, but at least it's usable!) http://beta.friendlyfaces.co/

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            hi @clickpop, I found a couple of small issues. I couldn't find your email on your website, so I just report here:

            (1) When using builder, the page was jumping up and down

            (2) CSS issues for the login page

            Overall it's usable

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              I fixed the issue with page jumping. Styling the login / signup and dashboard right now.

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    How about some playground with real uploaded faces?

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      Here's the app and in progress: http://beta.friendlyfaces.co/
      Our goal is to have it ready to release by next weekend.

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