Landing Page Feedback October 17, 2020

AR pocket projector website feedback

Andreea Bunica @thepandrea

Wello, I've revamped my website and filmed our very first ad, I'd love to hear some feedback on it:

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    Hey Andreea,

    That's a cool product! The video makes me want to learn more about it. However I'm not finding any description of it, its features and such. Also note that I had to open a different browser to see the video, since I expected there was one from your post. Autoplay is disabled on my default browser. If you're able to detect that it would be good to add a "play" button.


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      the description is under "the BEAN" tab in the menu. Should I maybe give people a pointer towards that page, after the video?

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        I did see that page since I was looking around and that seemed like the most obvious action. However I didn't find much information about the device itself there, except for a few pictures of the bean and the following text:

        mean-bean is a way to make things fun again.
        snappy AR pocket projector to enable wearable and screen-free remote interactions, because being far away doesn’t have to mean being stuck in place and talking to a screen.

        Did I miss anything?

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          would you say the page is not easy to navigate overall? and what sort of info about the device would you like to see on that page?

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            I think the navigation is fine. I would love to see a list of features as well as a description of how it works. Here's an example of what my expectations are for a product page: It shows a lot of pictures, mentions specific features, shows what I can do with it, and I'm getting a hint that I need to plug it into a PC for it to work.

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              coolio- we're just building the Alpha now, hence why I didn't consider adding all the details- but yep, the page it's hyper vague. this thing runs on a custom android, it's a mini pc basically- realised we have 0 mention of it anywhere.

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          there's a sign up list for the alpha version and the open source community version if you scroll down.

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