arc[dot]io reviews? (Rent your users' bandwidth)

EDIT: I ended up writing one myself: https://www.felixparadis.com/posts/arc-dot-io-review/

arc.io reached out to me after I added Simple Timeline as a product here on Indie Hackers.

In a nutshell:

Arc is a peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network (CDN). Add Arc's widget to your website, your users contribute bandwidth, we rent it, and you get paid the proceeds.

A monetization method that doesn't involve selling or ads sounds enticing, but I can't find many reviews of arc.io and feel reluctant injecting someone else's JS code on my website.

@martinratinaud 's post is the only "arc.io" mention I found on Indie Hackers.

The hackernews discussion about arc.io boils down to almost everyone saying they wouldn't use it, but some admitting it's a cool technology.


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    Hi all
    I use it on https://www.edityouraudio.com and on https://www remote-family.com

    I already got several payments through paypal and make 8$ per day for 400k views per month.

    I talked with arc's maker over email and he seems like a decent guy 😄

    So I'd say go for it

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    Every new product on IH gets spammed by arc.io.

    Thanks for linking to the HN discussion. Many valid points there, including a defense by the guy behind it.

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      Every new product on IH gets spammed by arc.io.

      Yeah I figured I wasn't special 😆

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    I used it on https://goodfileshare.com - it gave me 7$/day. A good advice for you guys is if you have good PC traffic then try making money with ARC

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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