Arctic Air Pure Chill AC - Air Conditioner Results, Benefits, Review & Price?

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    The Freon gas used in air-conditioners is bad for our health from what I know. So I am not sure if the expression you have used about the beneficial effect of the air from an AC is correct. Still, I am not a professional in this field. I've recently read an article on https://hot2coldairconditioning.com/free-estimate-hillsborough/, so I've just shared my opinion about this subject. However, I believe that you should re-think your quote.

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    It seems a little strange to me. Unless you have soft starter kits installed on your AC units, you usually can't run both at the same time at 30 amps. The breaker may trip, but it won't move the knob. To check this, turn off the running air conditioner, then completely turn off the breaker powering the inoperative air conditioner. That way, you are unlikely to trip a 50 amp breaker. This should help you. If you don't know much about air conditioners, however, I suggest you go to https://www.airconservicingsingapore.com/. In my opinion, they have the best air conditioning service.

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    Don't think this is the right platform for you to market an AC guys.

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