No-Code January 25, 2020

Are HTML and CSS still worthy to learn in 2020?


I understand this group might not completely feel the same (which is fine). Our winter intern wrote this

Curious to hear your thoughts folks. Happy weekend.

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    Yes. HTML and CSS are always worth learning, if nothing else but to better help you have a well-rounded foundation. A large majority of no-code tools are still built with code. I don’t really see that going away anytime soon.

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      even with no-code options I think it's still beneficial to at least understand how the framework syntax works + how it connects with other more robust frameworks.

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      I couldn't agree more.

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    It really depends, if you're getting started then YES if you already know another programming language, then, NO. What do you think?

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      You are right. We generally suggest students stick to one technology.

      I think @c0nsilience nailed it.

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    Even if you use no code tools it's a useful skill to have. You may want to edit the design a bit or maybe create an email template...

    Plus, it's not that hard to learn.

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    html + css is not rocket science, but just nice erudition. You should know something about Google spreadsheets, and it is also some knowledge. At least you can use formulas to make calculated fields or calculate it manually.

    html+css is a bit similar. You can dive deeper or not there. But better to know at least some things.

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    if your business is about converting leads or just any web-based system, oh yes. CSS can drive you mad and the better you know it the more you can achieve. HTML is not very deep or difficult.