Ideas and Validation February 14, 2020

Are Job Boards something that is Indie Hackable?

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy

Can an IndieHacker create and market a job board? Basically get developers and companies on the same platform and connect them together?

What's the best way to monetize something like that? Has anyone done anything like this?

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    You need to build an audience first around the category of jobs you want to have in your job boards like @levelsio from remote.ok , and @petecodes from and

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      thanks for the mention :)

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    Figure out what your angle will be and how you will differentiate yourself from others. In my experience all job boards start with a really high bar and lofty promises but eventually devolve into low activity deserts with no interesting job postings so candidates eventually stop visiting. It's a tough problem, very similar to dating sites so similar issues affect both businesses.

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    Yes. Plenty of competition, but that's a good thing, it means there's an active market :) Find a wedge/niche into the market and go from there.

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    Yes, Pieter Levels is out and out the leader in this field. He made - I'd find a niche that others haven't done yet to have the best chance.

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    Well in Poland we have currently job board overload.

    There is more job boards here than people looking for jobs ;)

    The most successful ones are the ones that are doing heavy marketing CONSTANTLY.

    So the ones that do work, are posting on programming facebook groups all the time, make blog entires, youtube content.

    Basically all they do is marketing, since it brings on the views and views allow them to convince companies that posting there is valuable.

    So if you like marketing side of things and you plan to be creative with your marketing strategies, I would say - give it a try.

    That's also precisely why I have given up on the idea of mine - I like to focus more on problem solving than marketing side of things. :)

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    I think building a job board that provide relevant insight about the hiring organisation would add value.
    Things like: Organisation reputation and compensation practice based on glassdoor/payscale data, a flag that tags ethical companies vs corporate monsters. Level of flexibly instead of simply marking certain jobs as 'Remote' (they often just mean it's possible to work from home a couple of days per month).

    Whoever works on yet another job board better find ways to provide truly innovative features that help skim the noise. Maybe find a way to have candidates post their skills and desires, then make sure to only display matching and attractive jobs.

    In term of monetisation, charging for promoted jobs imo degrades the quality of the product on the candidate side, since it allows any recruiter's post stand out regardless of the job's relevance and quality. I'm by no mean implying one cannot monetize that way. RemoteOK seem to be profitable with promoted content.

    I would be totally OK to pay for a membership if it allowed me to discover relevant position with no noise. On the recruiter side, if showing up leads to even one good hire, I'm convinced a company would pay serious bucks to remain listed.

    To me job boards are still fundamentally broken as they continue to just be time wasting, that's perhaps a biased opinion, but I doubt it's only mine.

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