May 20, 2019

Are there CRMs focused on startups, research and discovery?


Hey everyone, I've been using airtable to track the people we've talked to, emailed, notes, etc. and it's getting pretty overwhelming.

I was wondering if there's a CRM out there focused on startups, research and discovery rather than purely a sales pipeline, that integrates with email, twitter, and such?

What do you guys use to keep track of the hundreds of user interactions? Do you guys use a regular CRM tool?

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    Your title is confusing. This is a much better title from your post "CRM out there focused on startups, research and discovery"

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      that's really helpful, thanks, made the edit!

      I'm surprised no one knows of any CRMs like this?! I'm not looking into building one, just using/paying for one... maybe I'll have to pivot so such a thing exists :P

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    I was looking for something similar, but more for a product based startup. Something that can keep track of my potential business clients and direct to consumer channels as well.

    Saving and tracking contact information for vendors/sources and their pricing tables/volume breakdowns would be great. I feel like a software like Salesforce is just too much at the moment.

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    Hi @JanJanJan, I wonder if the product I'm working on would be of interest to you -- It doesn't have a twitter integration at the moment, but it does combine email with customer management, as well as task management.

    I'm also curious what you're looking for with your comment about "research and discovery".

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      Thanks, I'll take a look! Glad to see another fellow Atlantan here!

      edit: I'm having trouble signing up, as it's asking for an early access code. By "research and discovery" I mean having a better interface to track all the conversations I'm having with potential users during the discovery process

      I just tried HubSpot's free CRM tool and it's weirdly confusing lol

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        Send me an email at [email protected] and I'll provide you an access code. As of now Office365/Outlook is the only email that you can connect. Gmail is still in the works.

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          Thanks so much! We actually use Gmail right now so wouldn't be able to make use of it, but please let me know once you support Gmail :)

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