November 9, 2019

Are there examples of (successful) AI indie businesses?

Maxim Leonovich @maxim_leonovich

I can clearly see that small utility products with a well-proven market need is an obvious choice for indie hackers. Podcast hostings, email marketing tools, SMM automation, monitoring APIs, etc.

However, I was wondering if there are good examples of small businesses with more sophisticated core components like real machine learning, distributed computing, big data, any other "hard tech".

One example of a small, AI-driven tool I can think of would be Krisp, but they aren't really indie.

Anything comes to mind?

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    Although I’m not sure they’re still kicking goals :-/

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    Yes. For example a friend of mine has a solo project in distributed computing (he built an end-to-end mesh networking platform for IoT devices).

    These projects are usually just super niche, aren’t marketed much, so aren’t popular or well known. He’s a real hands-on programmer for sure, so he’s about 10x as good at development than I am, but about 10x less interested in marketing something.

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    Would be curious to know this as well. I wonder in general if there are any super technical products.

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      Wow, nice!
      I really liked, now wondering how well they're doing :)

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