Are these templates useful?

Would you pay for any of these?

  • How to think through building the design/systems architecture (non-technical) of building a SaaS product/platform
  • Branding UI kit - create a teach brand in 30 minutes
  • The path to Series Seed: 9 key activities and the associated templates to build a tech company and raise the first round

I've spent time with the world's best design firms and thinkers, and as they say - Silicon Valley is a way of thinking, not a place -- well, I'm thinking of creating a company, in the form of templates, to scale this thinking to millions. Or, thousands, or hundreds, or just a few -- whatever. But is there something here? Anyone thought of starting a company? And wondered what the critical path is? A tech company specifically?

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    Having worked on building Brutask, I can surely say that I would pay for something like a branding UI kit. However, that being said, its a one off product.

    If you want to create sustainable model, something like a monthly subscription might be a better option.

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      Brutask looks great.

      Yeah, great point. My idea is to have it more Uber style -- where there's 40+ templates for different areas of your life, and you are paired with a digital assistant to walk you through it. Ideally, 2-3 transactions per year across a large number of users. It would ideally be pretty cheap too. Would help those lost in today's world get up on their feet.

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        Ahh I now understand what you meant. Well, good luck with the whole process!

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          thanks so much, all the best

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        However yes I will think about how/if to work in a monthly membership, thanks.

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