Are we giving too much 👉 '10,000 very early-stage funding sources for free'?

Hey everyone,

We understand that not everyone has privileged access to capital, so we're democratising access to finance.

To do so, our algorithms monitor investors worldwide for investment research and sourcing.

We're also offering our 20,000 early-stage and late-stage funding sources to Basic plan subscribers.

View pricing: https://www.flipidea.co/pricing

Please share your feedback on how we can improve our product to better serve you.

Have fun & enjoy!

  1. 2

    https://app.flipidea.co/login => clicking on this login doesn't work. It doesn't log me in.

    1. 1

      Hi, were you logging into the free plan to check out the 10,000 very early-stage funding sources?

      If you verified your email, you should be able to log in. Let me check tomorrow and will get my tech team to look at it.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and will get back at you. 🙏

      1. 1

        Managed to login now. First time I checked the page, it was completely empty. After a refresh, it worked.
        Looks cool ;) Also, I guess you already know - the list doesn't have a horizontal scroll bar.

        1. 1

          That's a relief! I'm glad that you're able to log in.

          Probably a latency issue which we're looking into solving it.

          Thank you for your feedback. 🙏 We wanted keep the design clean and thought users will naturally use the 'shift + scroll' for horizontal scroll.

          However, it seems that it's probably best to include it.

          Appreciate your comment! Please let me know what else we should improve? 🤓

          1. 1

            Hi, interesting about shift-scroll. I'll check it out.

            Appreciate your comment! Please let me know what else we should improve?

            Sure thing, will do once i come across something.

            1. 1

              Thanks, and no worries at all. Glad that all works out well now.

              Do let me know if you face any new issues.

      2. 1

        Just logged into free plan, it works. Were you trying to log into Basic plan? That is only available to our subscribers. 🤗

  2. 1

    Hi, good idea, just some issues I experienced,
    -The page never moved form the register page, though did get activation email.
    -After login in the hamburger only takes me to the details of the solutions, I cannot get to any of the actual data
    -on the lean canvas it's difficult to get the selects to work had to fiddle and backspace to blank to be bale to scroll
    -also on the lean canvas the add buttons don't work

    1. 1

      Hi @graciax452, thank you for your feedback as they're important for my team to fix!

      Re: after registration and activation email, alright we'll look into it and design a better flow.

      Re: our current AWS server is currently located in Southeast Asia, so it could be slow to load. That said, we're in the midst of relocating it to Europe to better serve our audience in North America and Europe.

      Re: our idea checker (lean canvas), the additional buttons don't work for now as we're only able to take one input per question/component for the time being.

      We also understand that the data entry fields are not (wrap text), and the idea checker is not saving the data per session.

      Please know that we're in the middle of upgrading it on our new environment with better reporting and feedback systems, as well as to improve the user experience.

      We apologise for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for your constructive feedback though.

  3. 1

    P/S: For your better browsing experience, we're building the 'filter' function and hope to complete in the coming weeks.

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