Are you a mission-driven founder?

Hey Hackers!
When working on my projects, I didn't have the right environment which would push me forward. My friends were more into drinking, rather than changing the world. That's why I started Razum, a project where mission-driven people meet each other in weekly calls and reflect on their progress. It is for people committed to self-development and achieving fundamental goals. The members are other founders and hackers in different steps of the journey.

Drop a comment and I'll DM you a link.

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    I like that. With whom would you have a call when signing up? Other hackers?

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      No, there are people from other portals too. At first, I had the idea to onboard active founders with a mission. Then I chatted with members, and we thought that the person doesn't necessarily have to launch personal project to be mission-driven and committed to personal growth. Now we have founders and freelancers.

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        Ah I see. So the calls would be with other growth-minded people? That's interesting! And as I read each week with a different person?

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          Sent it to your Twitter:)

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            Thanks, will check it out 😊

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          It will be. I had more users in my previous version, but they weren't committed, and the calls weren't happening. That's why I rebuilt everything and now target people who take personal development seriously.
          There are not many users yet, because I want to perfect the product and focus on implementing feedback daily.

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          This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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