Are you a remote worker or an entrepreneur?

I'm very curious about whether you work for a company or as an entrepreneur.
As a digital nomad, what made you decide between one of the two?

Would you switch places if you could?

Are you a remote worker or an entrepreneur?
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  2. Entrepreneur
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    That's a nice question.

    After doing my own startup, I joined FirstPrinciples, and I take myself as a In-house Entrepreneur. I take my job as a Service and my Salary as MRR :) I help my clients the way I'd attain my own client when doing my own tech business. I have been working remotely for more than 6+ Years now. I don't have an employee mind-set. If things are not working, I cannot sleep unless I fix it.

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      Thanks for all the details, I really appreciate your reply :)

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    In addition to my personal projects I am a remote worker; but I am not an employee .

    I would not change my situation as it works well for me at this time.

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      Thank you for your reply

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