Are you also open-source contributor?

I created multiple open-source source packages (https://github.com/seeden).
Most of them were created as side projects to my project like quizana.com

My question is. Are you also creating open-source packages during your work on the project or you just using existing packages?

If yes put your GitHub or NPM link to the comment. I am really interested in what other indie hackers created.

Did you create an open-source project?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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    Yes, at XgeneCloud we instantly generate REST+GraphQL on any SQL database. This started as a small project couple of years ago.

    Here is a simple demo of creating instant REST over MySQL :

    This open source framework comes in with a :

    • GUI for database design and schema migrations.
    • Authentication & Authorisation
    • Built in RBAC

    And the entire backend can be deployed as a single lambda function too! :)

    Do give it a try - takes a minute to generate 100s of APIs.

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      Hi @o1lab. It looks great. I like this project. Build-in RBAC is really great feature. I think that I will play with this project a bit :)

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        Cool, you can also toggle our RBAC via GUI - below is the demo


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          I will check it out. Thank you

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    I always try to share small tools that I build for my own use cases even if they are not feature complete or polished. Recently I interviewed someone and it turned out that they use one of my very niche tools and recognized my name. That was nice and experiences like that make putting something out worth it.

    Some tools I released:

    For my latest project (https://www.indiehackers.com/product/lastcast-fm) I also released my first Swift app, I'm actually looking for feedback on that one because it's my first time using it or creating a Mac app!


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      Hi @dewey. You are very active contributor :) nice work

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    I try to open source things I work on that may not evolve into anything. I don't really work on github anymore. I use a gitea install (git.snld.ca). The projects I have there are as follows; all at various stages of progress:

    • my home brewery site
    • my blog builder and posts from set builder
    • local backup scripts
    • a basic script for ddns service
    • a UNESCO tracker for visiting World Heritage sites.

    When I was starting to build projects - years ago - I guess I was shy? or didn't want to share? So my repos were all private (this is why I originally self hosted). Now, I do not mind sharing, but I am also a huge fan of self-hosting.. so here I am.

    edit: fixed some typos, weird grammar.

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      Hi @Seanland. Thank you for your comment.
      I totally understand. When I started I was thinking in the same way. I am not sure if I was shy or did not want to share :)

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    I spend some of my time writing terra_boi, an open source ruby gem for deploying rails apps to AWS using 'rake deploy'


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    I kick out open source projects mostly to try out new ideas and technologies. A few items were prototypes to sell work to a client, but most of it's just for me. Everything is on GitHub, and I'm eventually going to finish mirroring everything to GitLab (and hopefully start putting projects there to mirror the other way), just because the smaller, more transparent company deserves attention.

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    If open-source documentation projects qualify, I maintaina list of Free Python Books.

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      Each contribution counts :)

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    Our editor for presentations is fully open source and available on GitHub.

    Moreover than its apps, we have open sourced man components, libs and even a Gatsby plugin, because why not.

    There is even a docs to guide developers through everything.

    Beside that I also open sourced a time tracker app, a proof of concept for my flat search, a web component to apply instagram like effect on photo and another one to add social sharing to website

    Yeah, I kind of like open source 😁

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      Nice job @peterparker. I like this project and stared it on the Github as well :)

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    Each of my projects resides at https://github.com/schakko/.
    As far as I am allowed to, most of the work of my employer has been also published on GitHub. I love open source and contribute bugfixes and patches for other open source projects I am using.

    My two most popular projects are node-usb (USB device driver for node.js) and Next Active Directory Integration (https://github.com/NeosIT/active-directory-integration2/).

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      You are one of the first NPM contributors :) You created project 10 years ago and nodejs is here just 11 years :) Good job

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    Heck yes!

    I <3 open source and have been doing it my whole career. My github is super active - thanks in part to being a member of a company that makes open source software professionally.

    My two most popular personal projects are:

    They've both actually been helpful lead generation for my main hustle so I even get a bit of value from them apart from just giving back!

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      Hi @czue. You are really super active :-D looks amazing.
      I like your wedding website :) I created one for me and my wife as well but it not online anymore.
      Thank you for your comment :)

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    I always open source packages that I create in my projects. https://github.com/nasermirzaei89
    and also contribute to the repositories that I use.

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      Hi @prakis. This looks very promising :) Thank you for sharing

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    I tend to do minor PRs to existing packages I use to fix a bug or add a feature I need...

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      @hatkyinc that is great :) thank you for your comment.

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