Product Development May 14, 2020

Are you Building "X for Creators" ?

Andrew Kamphey @AndrewKamphey

If not: you should see this.
If you are: you should see this.

I helped create this infographic that now lives on

Why I Made It

I never saw a comprehensive list of the creator ecosystem, specifically from the view point of a creators. I always wondered: "What does the landscape look like, from a creator's perspective?"

FYI: I am a creator myself. Just launched a new youtube channel on google sheets. This hits home.

Every Lumascape and CB Insights chart is from the viewpoint of investors. They see the world in these boxes. But creators, we see lots of choices. Where should we spend our time?

What Use Is This?

For Creators

Discover new monetization methods. Find new companies to help you make, manage and monetize.

For IndieHackers

Find opportunities: Do you not see something? Does this make you say.. "Hey why isn't there an X for creators?" Go make it.

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    This is awesome, thanks! 👍

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    Andrew you're a content machine!

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    I am working on a project for creators. Course creators to be precise. Coursor - A marketplace for course creators. Course creators need a platform to easily display their work portfolio and find work/visibility they deserve.

    You can check it out on ProductHunt

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      Are you finding it hard to find course creators? any one in particular?

      The courses companies listed do some some explore or examples on their pages.

      Signed up for yours with my Better Sheets project. Let's see what happens

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        Your listing is live @AndrewKamphey .

        It's relatively easier to find coding course creators than other course creators like business, finance, science, etc.

        There's a roadmap of features planned for the creator's page which include course previews, reviews, and posts, etc.

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          Thanks! Any email I can respond to?
          One typo: I don't have a patreon. and the link doesn't go anywhere.

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            Typo rectified.

            You can respond to [email protected] any time.

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    This infographic is really amazing @AndrewKamphey!

    So much value on one image. I look forward to getting to know a lot of the companies on there and seeing how their tools/products can help.

    p.s. very grateful for VReel's inclusion! 🙏🤟

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      Happy to include it. so few ways for drone operators to make cash money! We need all the help we can get right now.

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    Im creating

    It’s my attempt at filling the ‘micro-learning’ market with extremely easy course creation (and soon monetization)

    I just soft launched so recognizing a few problems already:

    1. need a lot more content. I’ve created a couple of courses but I’ll need to onboard more people who want to create courses
    2. become more focused? I may pick a niche (programming or startups) and double down on course content there
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      @juhaelee I have some experience in the EdTech domain. Your platform can be used for things other than e-learning like How-to guides marketplace, where you charge businesses to post How-to guides for their offerings or a platform like Quora where people ask questions about how to do a specific task/job. And others can answer by writing steps to do it, and they will have upvotes, followers based on their answers, etc. Are you open to exploring such possibilities? I am everyday hacking new ideas to find the perfect fit. If you are game I would like to ideate further on this with you.

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        Those are some awesome ideas!

        I'm not 100% sure those have PMF though, and right now smalltuts is solving one need of mine: high-quality step by step short tutorials (albeit from myself right now). Pivoting to those might be too big a jump from where I am now.

        Something I am working on right now though: Allowing course creators to charge for their lessons.

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          @juhaelee I believe any product can achieve PMF if it goes through the journey. I am open to hacking some random, spontaneous ideas with a person to see if we click together as a team. I believe if the team is good then it can make anything work together. After going through YC SUS, I realized that I shouldn't be too attached to a product.

          Wish you all the very best for smalltuts. If any time in the future you wish to do something spontaneous hit me up.

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            thanks @imranK! looking forward to potentially working together in the future!

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      How does it differ now from existing solutions?
      Can you tweet at people on twitter who are smart and might be good ppl to start short video lessons?

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        Hey Andrew,

        the main differentiators:

        • our platform focuses on bite size content
        • we're going to allow people to paywall their courses
        • right now we dont do video (just text + images), but we make the creation process of courses extremely easy
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          That's great. Get some ppl like @dru_riley and @DannyPostma and @harrydry to make some courses!