IndieHacker Pro Artists January 16, 2021

Are you guys on Twitter? Let's follow each other.


I'm at

I share my insights on Art and Music Business as well as the Passion Economy.

Would love to connect with you all over there and learn more about your work and your thoughts.

Haven't found many artists on Twitter yet sadly.

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    Tweeting about dev/ui/saas and other random stuff

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    Almost ready for my first “product every 14 days” shipping marathon 🤏

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    Late to the party but I'm - just followed you

    I like building music based side projects and I share my own music on soundcloud here

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    Added everyone here onto this list dm me if you'd like to be added

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    Tweeting about building startups without co-founders: JustInTime and

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    Tweeting about personal finance and Pleke my PF mobile app

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    🏝Follow me at

    📲Building, with an iOS app -- Save and follow what matters

    📸 1 image of the most common app workflow

    If you blog, I'd love to chat with you!

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    Just left my full-time job and start building in public.
    I follow everyone back as I believe everyone has their unique knowledge to share. 😃

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    Working on a roommate finder platform :D

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    I'm on twitter mainly to learn from others and support people in my network.

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    I mostly tweet about tech, indie hacking and my experience building side projects

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    Tweet about my journey building and among other things, mostly tech related. Occasional Icelandic nonsense.

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    I mostly tweet about startup community stuff, the Scottish tech scene, and pictures of my dog.

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    Great idea!
    Mine is:

    I haven't really been good at the whole Twitter thing buts it's top priority in 2021. Followed everyone that commented so far :)

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    Here is mine:

    I'm in a challenge of building 6 products in 6 months (3 so far). I build in public and share openly everything i learned along the way.

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    I followed you. For anyone else reading, my twitter is:

    I develop video games, and post about it from time to time.

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