Social Entrepreneurship July 1, 2020

Are you into social entrepreneurship? Post your website here

Leo Nagano @Leo

Do you and/or your company do good? Are you into the social enterprise game?

Share the link here and tell a short story behind it

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    A friend of mine runs a social entrepreneurship breakfast club, which is an online community for social entrepreneurs. Check out at 🙌🏽

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      Hey, the idea looks cool!. Just one comment, you're not redirecting to https when going to http://impact.....

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        Hey, mate. Thanks for the tip! This is really not mine but I will let my bud know of the issue. Cheers

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    I'm trying to get volunteers for my community to help others devs/entrepreneurs by having free one-on-one calls

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      Looks interesting. Are you focusing on any particular technology at the moment? And also, how are you bringing more volunteers aboard?

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        Not focusing on any tech in particular. I'm trying to get people on board as a volunteer but no luck yet. Anyone can volunteer as long as they know about a particular tech and are interested in helping others.

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          Try to have a word with @dqmonn from . might be useful to hear how he started his journey

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            Hey, thanks for the info. I will try to contact him then.

            One of the main issues that I've found is people think that they will have a call for every slot of time that they open but it's not like that at all.

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    I plan to do edtech in mathematics & machine learning.

    Currently I run, where we curate a list of free, legal online resources to study mathematics.

    I definitely plan to grow it into something beyond that.

    I would be very interested to talk with people who work or want to work in edtech, especially in "STEM" subjects.

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      I definitely plan to grow it into something beyond that.

      What do you see your project? How do you plan to reach more people in need with your edtech?

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        I think the reach is not a problem. Math subreddits have more than 1 million users and they are not very strict about self-promotion there.

        The problem is building something that ACTUALLY helps people learn math in more effective manner. And this is not an easy feat. I have some ideas and I am researching them a lot, but this will certainly require a lot of experimentation and trial & error approach.

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          Are you still working on this? I'd love to be in the loop regarding your future plans. Maybe we can connect for a quick chat sometime!

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    I want to contribute to this conversation but i don't know what "social entrepeur" really is, can you give some information?

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      I'd say social entrepreneurship uses the power of business to improve lives, having social mission at its core.

      Businesses are created to solve a problem, which varies from benefiting the poor, helping disadvantage members, etc. To be able to do that, those companies need to be profitable and make business as usual.

      Some examples:

      • Toms Shoes - buy one and we donate one for those in need
      • Love your melon - Give a hat to a child battling cancer. It donates 50% profits
      • Unseen Tours - Paid work for homeless and ex-homeless, providing tours in London

      Some websites with more examples

      There are loads more. Later, I'll write a post with more examples and business models behind.

      Hope that clarifies? What sort of business are you working at the moment?

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        Thank for your information.

        Honestly, I would like to have a business that can give back to people tho
        But I still struggling to make my business profitable hehehe

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        Would love to see that write-up on business models. I've been turning that one over in my head for quite a while because on the surface it feels like no one wants to "spend money to give money" (not that thats the only form of social good).

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          Social entrepreneurship is not a clear and well defined science for us. We struggle to understand the models. You’re right, to clarify some points, a detailed post on business models would help. Will come up with something like a detailed post

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            Hey Leo, any thoughts or updates on the aforementioned post?

            If you have the time, I would also love to connect for a chat!

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              Happy to connect. DM me

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    Not sure it counts but the way we built it is 1000x more energy efficient than a Wordpress site.

    From the numbers I ran 10 WP sites = 1 average household of energy use.

    WP powers 40% of the web.

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      Hi Volkan, very efficient, congrats for this.I'd say, if you are giving back to the community somehow, it completes the cycle. Say helping financially, using your time and expertise, etc. Is in your company's mission to continue saving energy?

      Examples would be Tom's shoes, Warby Parker, with "buy one and we donate one". Or others donating part of the sales to a cause, in your case, those in need of energy....

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        Ah that makes sense.

        So giving away websites to non-profits.

        So 1 paid, 1 given away.

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          Not only that, but having a mission where profits from your company helps on that mission. Could be helping young people building first website, etc

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    We are a software development company helping budding entrepreneurs to start their on-demand or rental business at ease with the help of our products. We offer end to end customer support from development to launch of their products.

    One of our customer review about our service - "Choosing to work with RadicalStart was the best decision I have made for my business so far. Everything that I wrote in my last review months ago is still true today. From the beginning of the project, all the way through to the launch of my website RadicalStart has been flawless. They did such a good job that I wish I could invite them all over to my house for a big family dinner to offer my gratitude! I am grateful to have found their team and to be able to work with them into the future."

    You can check our customer reviews here -,1,,,

    One of our products -

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    I’m trying to build a community of developers interested in collaborating on apps for social good:

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      Hi Samir nice idea. How is everything going?

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        Thanks! I just put this together maybe a few weeks ago. I want to start pushing it soon and see if it generates interest.

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          Please, keep us updated here and tell me if you need any help

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            Thanks! Will do!

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    I founded Atman, a legal psychedelic retreat in Jamaica:

    Our mission is to help people heal and transform with safe, legal access to psychedelic experiences.

    Retreats are on hold currently due to COVID-19, but we plan to resume as soon as we can do so safely! We offer low-income tickets at $395 in an effort to make the retreat accessible to more people.

  9. 1 Not Alone! is a group of engaged volunteers from communities at the least risk for severe COVID-19 reactions working to bring groceries and supplies to those in high-risk demographics. We’re focused most prominently on the elderly, persons with a disability, and immunocompromised, in a need of help. Looking for volunteers both on the ground and virtual.

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      Nice job, like the idea. How's the website going? What sort of help you need on virtual?

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        • Social media campaigns/ outreach to recruit more volunteers in existing cities
        • locate & partner with new persons to drive the new city chapters
        • Content creation
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          What you need specifically on content creation?

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            Some kind of a lead magnet that could get prospective volunteers to get connected (so eventually at some point some of them convert and become volunteers for NA.

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              Just emailed you

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    Oi Leo! I'm launching a social enterprise in the legal industry for access to justice. I was just interviewed in the Financial Times. The project stems from my cumulative consulting and startup experiences over the last five years. The plan is to have more and better access to civil legal services, subsidized by providing a paid platform for the legal services providers. B2B2C

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      Hi Blake, how was the launch?

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        It's initiated lots of good conversations with legal professionals. I'm hoping to grow the team and get accepted to a legaltech incubator.

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          Blake, congratulations on the FT feature and the recent launch! I'd also love to be looped in for your future plans.

          Maybe we could connect for a chat sometime?

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    I don't know if it's really social entrepreneurship, because it's not a business per se, but is a site I built to help local businesses struggling right now. I am not planning planning to make a business out of it, but I am definitely looking for it to grow into a resource for people to support businesses around them.

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      This is great! I really try to support local businesses whenever possible and think there's definitely room for monetization. It's been two months since this post, are you still intent on not pursuing monetization?

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        Hi @PeridotOak! Thank you for the reply.

        Yes, the site is provided as a public good and I don't intend to monetize. With that said, I'd love to know how you think it can be monetized? Also, how do you think we can reach a greater audience with the site?

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          It seems to me that you're a distribution platform e.g. GroupOn. Instead of the amazing bulk discounts that GroupOn can offer, your differentiator is the social impact. If you charge a premium on these gift cards, maybe you can use those fees to market your platform and drive even more revenue (which in turn translates into social good).

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            Thank you @PeridotOak, these are some great ideas!

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      The definition of social entrepreneurship varies a bit. But the main definition says:

      It operates as a traditional company. The difference is the purpose. For traditional ones, profit means success. For social ones though, profit means a way to reach success (lives saved, products donated, in your case, businesses saved, etc)

      So, I my vision, yours is a social entrepreneurship as it's helping businesses during this pandemic

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        Thanks Leo. Let me know how we can proceed and if you have advice to how I can leverage the new group to help get the word out for mindful stimulus. Thanks.

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          Hi Shimon, would be interesting to read interesting stories of companies you helped. Think of community, how they started, what happened during the pandemic, how you helped....

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    I was attending some social entrepreneurship events in the past with my volunteering. helps people to build healthy social habits. Social relationships are important so I don't want to stop people from less privileged countries or with low income. The goal of the project is not to get rich quick, but to really help people. To do so sustainably it needs to be financially sustainable. That's why I sell premium subscriptions.

    I already gave out some free subscriptions to those people, who can't afford them. I mention this also on my website section on premium.

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    i'm build a website for everyone learn about progamming, on my website im make online course, articles, tutorial series and ebook.

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      for everyone
      Do you have any plans to focus on any particular under-represented group?

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        i'm want learn about idea for my website to growth many user again