Are you looking for an Ecomm startup co-founder?

My name is Nick Mavridis, I have a team of developers and have a strong DevOps / internet marketing background. I am looking to join another person who is interested in the ecomm space (amazon/shopify) to bring new and innovative tools to the scene. I have already grown one product which is on autopilot but now I am looking for another challenge.


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    What is the product on auto-pilot?

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      Dropped you a line. Our competitors are helium10, virual lunch, amzscout. Our platform(s) deal in the Amazon space right now with the different Amazon type seller niches.

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    Hey Nick - I'm working on a new e-commerce concept called The Loyalty Store. We help local businesses create eGiftcard promotions. From the consumer end, you'd log in and search for local giftcard deals. I'll DM you.

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    Hi Nick, I sent you an email.

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    Hey Nick, also doing e-com, I'd be interested in talking more.

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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