Are you on Github?

Are you on Github? What is your favorite project? Did you build an open-source project? The one that I have contributed to and I am most proud of is a Bootstrap 5 powered dashboard template, which actually was trending on GH for a couple of days.

Share your profile and a project that you like or you have built. Let's connect!

Here's my profile: https://github.com/zoltanszogyenyi
And the project: https://github.com/themesberg/volt-bootstrap-5-dashboard

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    Yes, while I have lots of open source projects and contribute as much as I can. I created one project a long time ago to automate the deployment of microservices to AWS. It contains lots of standard very easy to understand CFN templates.

    Every microservice we write such as the ones our SDKs support explicitly use this library.

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    Yes, I am! https://github.com/drgomesp

    I've been contributing to projects related to my work over the years and most recently joined indie hackers (3 years ago) as I've been trying to shift my focus more to becoming an indie hacker myself.

    It's hard though being a father of 2...

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    My most popular projects on GH are not really IH material - but I am https://github.com/tcurdt on Github and https://twitter.com/tcurdt on Twitter.

    While not that many stars my https://github.com/tcurdt/jdependency has millions of downloads because it's used from a popular project.

    Back in the days I worked on demos. More than 20y later I am still a little proud of my musings in 68k assembler. https://github.com/tcurdt/rampage

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    I am on Github but prefer not to share because of their ICE contract.

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    So far I have only one documentation project on GitHub, a list of free Python books.

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      That's cool! I love these type of resources on Github repositories. I myself visit the "awesome-x" series. (ie. awesome-bootstrap, awesome-tailwind)

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        Thanks, I love those Awesome-X resources too. I named my project differently because it was much less comprehensive and likely didn't meet the common requirements of the series.

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    Most of my open source work is from the time before Github (Google Code, Sourceforge), but I have a few smaller things on Github as well:


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    Hi there, I had very small contributions on a couple of projects here and there. My personal project is a dev tool that modernizes and makes shipping API integration easy

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