March 25, 2019

Arengu - Easily build and optimize your sign-up process

Jacobo Vidal @jacobovidal

Hello, this is Jacobo, cofounder @ Arengu.

Arengu is a SaaS platform that helps you to easily build and optimize your sign-up process without dealing with complex integrations or wasting valuable development resources.

We are still in public beta and improving our platform before we our final release, so I would really appreciate any kind of feedback or if you have any interesting use case where we can help you with Arengu.

I am available if you guys have further questions, want to know more information or just want to say hi.

Thank you for your help!


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    My first thought was that i can user your system to create registration form and somehow use your system to authorise users. (You know, i am developer)

    Second thought was that this is just for subscriptions like MailChimp.

    After a few minutes (it took to long) i realised that i can create complicated flows with some triggers etc...

    Anyway, you can consider to add, in admin panel menu, button to documentation and maybe tutorial what is what.

    Also exporting list from csv file would be useful.

    Design and UX looks clear and nice.

    Have a nice day!

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      Thank you very much for your message!

      Yes we have to improve our message to explain clearer what we do.

      Def we are adding a link to documentation inside admin panel and some tutorials coming soon.

      Thank you!

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    I like your landing pages and design a lot. In terms of the product is it kind of like auth0 with the ability to create more customer flows. Also for your integrations did you customer build them?


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      Hello Menan!

      Thank you for your feedback. Regarding integrations we've native integrations with the most used application (done by ourself), anyway there is a HTTP Request flow action that allows you to integrate with anything that has an API.

      If you have more questions do not doubt to contact me back :)