Developers December 2, 2020

As a developer how do you focus on non-technical aspects of your product?

Sagun Shrestha @sagunsh

I find it interesting while working on the technical aspects like coding, setting up database or configuring server. Once the product is ready, I find it very difficult to focus on marketing, looking for customers, writing content, etc. As a developer I believe many have faced similar problem.

How do you focus on these aspect while working on your product?

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    Once the product is ready, …

    I feel like it should be the other way round. Find your customers first, then build something.

    Otherwise you might end up like me, who once wasted an entire year building something only to find out nobody wanted to use it afterwards.

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      That's true so I am trying to do both concurrently. Bit still I feel stuck when it comes to non coding part.

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        What exactly do you find hard with regards to the non-coding part?
        Identifying the problem is the first step of solving it.

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          Things like marketing, findjng potential customers, etc. It's not that I find it hard rather I don't like doing those things.

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            Luckily there are people who do enjoy those activities. You could partner up with one. :)

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    Start with the non-technical aspect of the product BEFORE you start setting up the database and development.

    Try get a few people that really want to start using your product as soon as it's ready.

    The more people you can gather who has the problem you're solving, the better. If you can't find any people that has the problem you're solving, then DON'T develop the product.

    Keep the feedback loop tight. Develop a feature. Let your users test the feature. Talk with your users. What did they like / not like? What problems do they have? Repeat.

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    Even if you never launch your own product, you will be a better developer by stepping back and looking at the big picture rather than just "coding, setting up database or configuring server." Doing so will make you better at all of those things as well.

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