Ideas and Validation February 26, 2020

As a freelance developer, how do you find new remote AND part time gigs?

Andy Rose @thatandyrose

The only one that has come close for me is moonlight work, but the product is very weird.

Anyone use anything else? The key here is not the remote part, it's the part time part...

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    I'm currently using and as primary source of remote/part-time gigs.

    But to be honest, remote AND part time gigs are extremely rare. I feel that those platform clients prefer to hire someone 8 hours a day even if the work can be done part time.

    Almost every time I had a remote AND part time gig was because of personal references.

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      Yeah great insight @irvollo.. 🤔 how you finding

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    Check out Dynamite Jobs. It’s a recruitment agency ran by the Tropical MBA podcast guys.

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      signed up! thanks! :-)

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    I would try to find a gig which is full-time, but remote friendly. Once you've built a rapport with the team, I'm sure they'll be fine with you reducing your time. I think down to 3,5 days / week can be achieved well and will fit in well with a remote-ish dev team. Less than that is probably a bit more rare and I think the tasks get less exciting (e.g. a one-person company that just needs 1-2 days / week of tech support for installing wordpress plugins and debugging stuff).

    Going on those gig platforms, I think the rates will be lower and you'll just spend a lot of time managing everything.

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      Very well put, @oa!

      @thatandyrose Folks building their first version are anyways unsure of hiring someone remote. Part-time only makes it an even tougher decision for them. Though, once they see that you are dedicated to their success they would be more open and willing to take the leap.

      Also, looking at such engagements as partnerships rather than gigs helps a lot. Helps you get into the mindset of creating value and building a long-term relationship rather than just waiting for the next paycheck even if you are in it for the short-term (6 months or so).

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        That's guys. I think I'm thinking more towards consulting etc. It's quite normal for there to be a demand for that even if niche.

        I guess my question is more around what tools to those that want that flexibility etc use, know what I mean?

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          Hm, I think that's a tough sell. I've yet to meet a fully remote team that hires a consultant (maybe a big company? but they will probably hire high-profile people and search within their network). Being a remote consultant in a on-site team is nearly impossible.

          Maybe if it's super-niche, so that demand is so high and your skills are expert level, then... maybe. The closest thing I got to this was someone looking for an Amazon AWS RDS Postgres expert for a fully remote gig to optimize their DB for a few months. I'm sure if I gave them a reasonable rate, they would be ok with less than full time.

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            Great point @oa, yeah perhaps it only works for truly niche skills/projects etc.... 🤔

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              I don't have a tool I can recommend. But you can check out LinkedIn for software development agencies. The PMs there are always looking for experts to solve time and cost sensitive problems for their clients. Reaching out to them cold over there might help. This approach has worked well for us as we have found such projects for our freelancers in Flexiple's community.

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                thank you! will do!

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    Upwork. A lot of freelancers hate on the platform(for valid reasons) but honestly it’s the only way I’ve ever landed work.

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      rates are quite low on there no.. or is that a miconception?