May 14, 2019

As Developers do you wish to know what other developers are doing to excel in their life?

Anurag Kumar @anurag619

I am very poor at executing things and I often end up searching for how other developers manage their time. And sometimes I wish to :

  1. get inspired when I am feeling low.
  2. curiosity to know what people with similar mindsets do with their free time.

Anyone knows any platform/newsletter where I can subscribe to this?

If I create such platform ( preferably newsletter ), will you be interested ?


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    Not what they're doing in life but what they're doing to become better devs.

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      @runexec sure, what I actually meant was what they are doing to excel in life (in general)

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    I'm a dev and interested in excelling in life, but I hit peak newsletter about 6 years ago. My primary inbox is currently at 13,781 unread. It was probably a great way to reach me in the past but now I just have too much low value noise coming in from marketers who are looking to make a profit on a fairly short time-frame. Andre Chen calls this "The law of shitty clickthroughs"—the more popular a channel becomes, the more low quality material enters it and the less effective it becomes.

    I pretty much try to focus on long-form content these days, with a bias towards things that come through a personal recommendation or a google search I make.

    Practically, this means podcasts and books. Online books, especially if they're in a format with some kind of value add, like a Gitbook, are great, too. The right sort of desktop-aimed webapp might be able to do it, too.

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      If I create such platform ( preferably newsletter ), will you be interested?

      Your answer is?

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        My answer is, "maybe but preferably NOT a newsletter". 😂

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          @alchemist I get what you are saying, lots of newsletter are bounced. For the v1 I don't want to spend too much time. Starting newsletter is pity easy, hence I opted for it. Creating a podcast, webapp is too much investment, I guess.

          I wish to roll out the content twice every month. Even if it is a blog/newsletter how do prefer to consume the content ?

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    What are you going to cover in the newsletter? Mind giving example?

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      Lots of good developers follow techniques/hacks to make their work/life productive. Often they share this information across social media, blogs etc. I intend to capture these information ( all public info ) in the form of newsletter. Even talk to them to provide in-depth knowledge.
      Not limited to hacks or techniques but what other developers are doing in their free time.
      Does it make any sense?

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        How are you going to make money from this?

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          For now I am not focussing on the monetisation part. But for traditional newsletters sponsorship is the default, I guess.
          I am looking how to engage users around this idea ( ex: A day in the life of X, what they do and how they do ) and through what medium my target audience wants to consume this content.

          I am a writer, developer and sometimes I draw. I am thinking of adding up comics to deliver inspiring messages. I can start merchandise around comics ( in the long run )

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